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Hampton & Rabbit - Mind Tricks

Amanda and I are standing in the stillness of a cobbled sea of stones on a wide street in SoHo, New York. Store front windows reflect us against a sharp sky. Arctic white clouds perpetually stream from window to window like a ticker tape to two vanishing points up the linear plane of the street.

Amanda is wrapped in a cashmere cardigan tied into her waist. Each time we kiss another one of her appears. There is now a scattering of Amanda’s around us, each lucid, polite and smiling.

Amanda turns my cheek away from looking around at them to looking into her and then she snaps her fingers and they all disappear. When I try to kiss her again, her hand lifts to my chest to pause me. Her eyes tell me not to do that trick again.

As I am thinking that I’ll decide which trick I’ll do, her arms reach around my neck, she tilts her head and she pulls me to her kiss.

I woke left thinking how her tricks are so much better than mine.

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